Sunday, 3 April 2016

Allergic To Aloe

When people tell me they are allergic to aloe vera, well I take them at their word. I know not every aloe vera salesperson believes it but I do.

Now many people may say oh I'm allergic to aloe vera and that's okay, yes I know some people say they are allergic just to get rid of you but hey that means that person is a liar or predisposed to being deceitful so you really don't want to have anything to do with that person any way as you will never know when they are being truthful. 

You Really Can Be Allergic To Aloe Vera 

As some-one who is so passionate about the benefits that aloe vera can bring you would think I would be up in arms about this but really I am not. As a women in her 50's I have lived for half a century now or 5 decades, that's a long time. 

So if life has given me anything it is the wisdom that comes with age and experience. I have connected with people on so many different levels from daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, aunty, friend, work colleague, associate, strange talking lady at bus stop to a mentor and coach.  

With all this contact experience I have learnt it is so much easier to just take people at face value when you are working in the area of sales. Oh my god you say we don't mention we are salespersons or that we work in sales especially online. 

Well my question to you is why the fuck not "is it not better to be honest and upfront the shady and hidden"? 

Getting back on topic can some-one be allergic to aloe vera? absolutely they can, it is very rare and most of the time it is not the aloe vera they are allergic to but the other ingredients in the product they tried or they have just cut an aloe leaf from a plant in a garden and just spread it on or eaten it without realizing there are over 400 species of aloe vera and only 4 of them have any safe real benefits to us both from a nutritional point and a cosmetic point. "Not knowing this may have lead them to have a bad experience similar to an allergic reaction."

It is very important to remember Aloe Vera is a plant, with over 400 species and many of them do flower. Many people are allergic to plants, fruits and vegetables and some of these allergies can be extremely dangerous and in some cases fatal.

So we must always respect and understand if someone say no thanks to our products for health reasons.  Just remember aloe vera is a plant with over 400 species some of those species are toxic to people and animals.  

If some-one has had a bad experience with aloe and doesn't want to buy or try the brand you are selling then be grateful to them for listening and move on. It is not your job to change minds or force people to buy something they won't use;  That is just bad for your business. 

Be passionate about you and what you do and have belief in yourself and the quality of product you are sell. Be honest and authentic and get to the point, not everyone will love what you do and that is okay. Leave them be so they can get on their way. 

Yes Aloe Vera Allergy can be real because at the end of the day aloe vera is a plant. 

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