Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Power Of Aloe

What!! - Aloe Vera Has Power ? 

Yes Aloe Vera does have power but not in the way some may think. When we say the power of Aloe we are talking about the health and nutritional benefits contained within the the leaf of the plant. 

Now most of us already know that eating the right foods in balance are necessary for our longevity, vitality and day to day energy but what a lot of people don't know is that contained inside the leaf of certain species of Aloe plants is a powerhouse of essential amino acids and nutrients. 

Aloe Vera has been talked about, studied and used for centuries for many things and still today is contained in many commercial products as a selling point to customers. Things like shampoos, hand creams, face lotions and some companies even tout the addition of Aloe Vera in their washing powders, soaps and fabric softeners. 

Hell even toilet paper companies tout Aloe in their product for softness and to protect bottoms when we wipe hehehehe that makes me laugh hysterically when I see those commercials.

So How Powerful is Aloe

Well sometimes I wonder that myself considering the range of products claiming the benefit of the addition of Aloe Vera.

What is even more confusing is how the medical and health industry refuse to acknowledge any benefits from Aloe Vera, yet are still happy to promote and encourage us to use products containing this wonder plant.

In my personal opinion Aloe is just as beneficial as spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots and all the other plant product we use and consume.

Now in saying this there are some things to remember about Aloe Vera and as far as I am concerned these are the most important.
  1. Aloe is a plant with over 200 known varieties and of these only about 4 have any nutritional and medicinal value to humans.
  2. Only one of these 4 is the most powerful and beneficial.
  3. Adding it to toilet paper increases the price and that's about it.
  4. Not all products claiming to contain Aloe actually contain enough of it to be of benefit to you. So not all Aloe products are created equal.
  5. Aloe contains many properties that are beneficial as a topical agent for soothing sunburn, itching, and minor skin conditions.
  6. Aloe Barbadensis Miller is the most potent of these.
  7. You can consume Aloe as a drink/juice for internal benefits to your health.
  8. 20 plants will filter the same amount of carbon from the air as one tree, so they make a great addition inside your home in pots. You will increase the quality of air you breath inside your home naturally.
Now I myself know first hand the wonderful benefits of using Aloe both inside and outside of my body and I swear in my belief that if I had not come across the quality Aloe products I did some 10 years ago I would not be sitting here writing about Aloe today.

10 years ago I was a pretty F**ked up person both mentally and physically. Then I found my quality Aloe products.

So if you are more interested in just how Aloe may be able to help you and see the brand of products I use you can visit my other sites.

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